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Abstract : Cancer is one of the polygenic diseases and the main idea includes characterizing the main gene within different genes, which they are implicated in the cancer pathogenesis. In this direction, MPP8 has a substantial function in gene transcription during cell division and implicated in numerous cellular functions, and has the potential to cause cancer. Thus, the main aim of current project is to estimate MPP8 gene expression in various kinds of cancer as well as to highlight which type of cancer expressed high level of target gene and evaluate its role in development this type of cancer in the following studies. MPP8 expression assessed using qPCR. MPP8 gene in the blood samples of cancer cases are significantly expressed (2.619±0.2848) compared with its expression in control group (1.446±0.2163) the higher level of MPP8 expression demonstrated in bone cancer while the cervical cancer was less expression of MPP8. Prostate cancer significantly expressed MPP8 gene (p≤0.001). The current assay considers the first assay to study the association between MPP8 expression level and various types of cancer in Iraq .as well as, there is little research regarding the association between MPP8 gene expression and digestive system tumors. However, rectal, colon, stomach and pancreatic cancers included in present study and they are significantly expressed MPP8 gene. Thus, additional studies are required to evaluate whether MPP8 a useful biomarker to predict aggressive behavior in digestive system carcinomas.