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Abstract : Predominantly, the nutrient artery gives the blood supply to the long bones through the nutrient foramen. The present study analyzed the morphometric and morphological variations of Sri Lankan diaphyseal nutrient foramen of the humerus concerning the number, size, location, and direction along the shaft. A sample of 50 dry adult humeri was analyzed. The mean length of the bones was 29.53cm. The mean foramen index was 55.59. The current study encountered single, double, and triple nutrient foramina as well as the absence of such foramina. Five main locations of nutrient foramina were observed along the shaft of the humerus: anteromedial surface, medial border, lateral border, anterior border, and posterior surface. The nutrient foramen directions were towards the distal end or proximal end of the humerus. Most Sri Lankan humeri had single nutrient foramen. Most humeri had nutrient foramina on the anteromedial surface on the middle third of the shaft which is directed distally. The information regarding the nutrient foramina is important for the procedures such as bone graft, bone repair, and microsurgical bone transplantation.