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Abstract : The Laplace law relates the wall tension with the radius of curvature and the pressure in hallow structures. It is expressed as tension T is directly proportional to the product of the radius of the curvature r, and the pressure p, in the hallow structure. The expression is quite straight forward and easy to understand. The difficulty arises when the law is applied to understand the physiological process, as many a times students tend to understand that tension and pressure changes unidirectionally, and therefore tend to believe that the estimate which they directly feel by palpating the hallow structure is pressure rather than tension. To make them understand the difference, a simple demonstration was done using a balloon and a needle to make the concept clear. The model presented here is less expensive and is of use in resource limited settings. The demonstration of the Laplace’s law using this techniques was found to be helpful in intuitive understanding of this basic biophysical principle in comprehending physiological principles based on Laplace’s law.