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Abstract : The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has resulted in new dimensions in the efficacy of the economic and environmental while this virus impacts in human life to create problems in human life. The main objective of this study is to analyze the positive and negative impact on the human and environmental situation of COVID-19 in the world. many research works were done on individual issues for one state of a country but not all state or country data are not available in any sources of the world. To accomplish this goal, preliminary analysis, review articles and reviews released over the past five years have been analyzed with various research data such as NCBI, EMBASE, Google Scholar, PubMed/MEDLINE and MDPI from related clinical trials and animal studies with English terms search: COVID-19, lockdown, financial problem, environmental health problems. The COVID-19 was declination of the GDP, remittance, market policy, private sector credit, tourist industry, employment status, health emergency, shock in education, restrictions in recreation and created pollution like as water, microplastic pollution. The positive effect of covid-19 was the reduction in air and noise pollution, regeneration of biodiversity, and established digital transformation in the world. However, this virus delimited financial sectors have also donated towards a good environment. If COVID-19 and lockdown are released, environmental pollution will increase more in the world. As a result, this research recommends that the policy makers must promote in the financial sector without disturbing the environmental elements or create a new fund to help the environmental organizations.