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Abstract : Clinacanthus nutans is a traditional medicinal herb, found in several countries mainly in South East Asia has been used empirically as alternative therapy for certain health disorders as viral infection, skin infection, diabetes and even could serve as potential cancer treatment for various cancers, including head and neck, breast, cervical, colon, gastric, lung, liver, pancreatic, lymphoma and leukemia and skin cancers. However, the mechanism underlying this characteristic remain unclear. We searched PubMed, ScoPus, and ScienceDirect with key words “Clinacanthus nutans and cancer” and collected recent papers of Clinacanthus nutans with anticancer activity, effects, phytochemistry, and molecular mechanisms of Clinacanthus nutans extracts on various types of cancers. Some of the study showed potential benefit of the extract to combat cancer, some has to combined with the standard treatment. This mini review aimed to provide the most updated knowledge regarding bioactive components, effects, and molecular mechanisms of extracts from this promising herb Clinacanthus nutans for future studies in oncology field and clinical application in the near future.