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Abstract : Child and adolescent mental health is a pertinent issue that would benefit from creative and gamified new approaches. Circus skills and mindfulness methods are transdiagnostic interventions that have additive effects in synergy. This article focuses on the pilot testing and preliminary efficacy analysis of a novel circus-based mindfulness intervention. 50 participants were randomized into intervention and control groups. Intervention groups received a combined circus and mindfulness intervention; control groups only received a mindfulness intervention of comparable duration. Multiple analysis MANOVA was employed to identify differences between intervention and control groups on measures of depression, anxiety, stress, mindfulness, psychological flexibility, and fear of Covid-19. Upon Wilcoxon signed rank tests, there were significant differences for the pre- and post-intervention scores for fear of Covid-19 and psychological flexibility. There was no significant difference in the intervention group for depression, anxiety, stress and mindfulness. Upon multiple analysis MANOVA, there was a significant difference between the scores for fear of Covid-19 between the control and the intervention group. There was no significant difference between the control and intervention group for depression, anxiety, stress, mindfulness and psychological flexibility. In conclusion, it is observed that psychological flexibility and fear of Covid-19 are two construct that have the potential to be influenced by interventions combining circus and mindfulness interventions. Further larger-scale research is essential in replicating these pilot findings.