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Abstract : Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) levels or glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) tend to be underestimated in diabetic patients with chronic liver disease (CLD), which masks the impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). In such cases, the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is recommended to evaluate patients with suspected postprandial hyperglycemia who present with a normal FPG. This research aims to study the outcome of OGTT in CLD patients for early detection of diabetes in CLD patients and to find the correlation between OGTT and HbA1C levels in CLD patients. This cross sectional study was conducted for a period of 24 months from September 2019- August 2021 in Bangalore. The clinical manifestations, laboratory findings, HbA1c and OGTT in 50 cases of CLD was studied. Data was analysed using SPSS version 26. The mean age of patients was 45.46±11.1 years, most of the patients were male 86% (43) and 14% (7) were female. Anorexia was the predominant symptom with 84%. Alcoholism was the most common cause for cirrhosis (60%). Significant correlation was seen between HbA1c with fasting blood glucose, at ½ hour, at 1 hour, at 1 ½ hour and at 2 hours. CLD was more common in males and in lower socio-economic status. Alcoholism was most common in CLD. Most of the CLD patients were anaemic. There was a significant impaired response to glucose load in CLD. Abstinence from alcohol is important to prevent CLD. Early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in CLD patients is important.