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Abstract : To find out the outcome of preterm labour perinatal morbidity and morality Methods A prospective cross-sectional study conducted and OG department from Jan 21-dec21 GVMCH by random sampling method 100 subjects less than 37 weeks with cervical length less than 2 cm with multiple pregnancy, chronic, HTN, DM, Thyroid disease, UTI, bacterial vaginosis were subjected to complete obstetrics work up including history general physical examination, systemic examination and relevant lab investigation. patient with preterm labour the hospitalized and treated with antibiotics, corticosteroids and tocolytics and Mgso4 for neuroprotection Observation were entered in Excel and study using SPSS software. Majority of study population are in B/W the age group of 20-25 years. Majority of participants are in B/W 32-37 weeks gestational age. Among them 72% population belongs to low society economic claims. BMI B/W 18.5-24 are mostly involved. IUGR was noted. The neonatal morbidity and morality in preterm depends on the gestational age at admission the time B/W on set of labour pain to delivery in our study with administration of antenatal steroids + MgSO4 in patients with threated pre-term delivery brings out better neonatal outcome then compared to patients delivered without steroids.