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Exploring Potential ADH Inhibitors Among Compounds from the Genus Combretum Using a Pharmacophore Method

Abstract : Alcohol poisoning is a community occurrence stemming from sources such as ethylene glycol, methanol, or long-term use of ethanol. One preferred therapy for this situation is fomepizole, an alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) inhibitors with a relatively high price. Therefore, this study aimed to identify ADH inhibitors candidates among compounds sourced from the Combretum genus. The method used leverages the KNApSAcK database for screening and integrates Pharmit, swissADME, admetSAR, autodock4, and mole

The Effect of Hemostatic Sponge Impregnated with Bone Morphogenetic Proteins BMP in Comparison with A Xenograft in The Management of Bone Defects

Abstract : Several studies were conducted on materials that help bone defects to heal, as they were compared to find out the best material in terms of speed, quality, bone formation, absorption following the grafting, and economic cost, The aim of this research is to study the effect of a new material, Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMP) carried on a gelatinous foam scaffold in comparison with the Xenograft BioOss® in the management of bone defects made in rabbit thighs radial and histological. The sample i

Effects of Consuming Camel and Goat Milk on the Risks of Cancer Treatment by Cisplatin in Affected Female Mice

Abstract : Cancer is the second major reason of death worldwide. Chemotherapy treatment causes various adverse effects. Co-administration of immuno-modulatory agents with chemotherapy may result in better responses with fewer side effects. This work evaluated camel and goat milk (CM and GM) consuming pre and/ or post (neo-adjuvant and /or adjuvant) on the risks of cisplatin treatment in cancerous mice. Camel and goat milk nutritional and active composition were estimated. 20 mice kept healthy, 20 mice inje

Assessment of Vitapex® for Non-Instrumentation Endodontic Treatment in Necrotic Primary Molars: A Pilot Study

Abstract : The objective of this pilot study is to evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of using iodoform-calcium hydroxide paste in non-instrumentation endodontic treatment methods for necrotic deciduous molars. Twelve patients, aged between 4-8 years old, with a total of fifteen mandibular primary molars exhibiting necrotic pulp and interradicular lesions, were included in this study. The Vitapex® pulpotomy technique was employed for treatment, without any root canal preparation. Clinical fol


Abstract : The inflammatory process in acne vulgaris (AV) can lead to scars, a common complication. Atrophic acne scars are generally affected by the disruption of elastic fibers and how much collagen is lost. Most monotherapies for acne scars give unsatisfactory results. Treatment modalities available include chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser therapy, punch techniques, needling, subcisions, and intralesional injections or combination therapy with varying effectiveness. 24-year-old male with complaints o

Effect of Absorbable Collagen matrix on the Over Extrusion of MTA as an Apical Plug Using 3D Printed Tooth Replicas: A Comparative in Vitro Study

Abstract : The treatment of immature necrotic teeth is challenging in terms of achieving good apical seals, apexification with MTA is a common treatment option many in cases. Despite the good biocompatibility of MTA and its ability to form a calcified apical barrier, its extrusion to the periapical tissues could reduce the success rates of the treatment. Several materials were used as internal matrix to prevent over extrusion of MTA to obtain better results. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate absorbab

Family Caregiver Burden of Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy In Bali

Abstract : Cancer patients who are undergoing radiotherapy often have many symptoms either due to illness and the effects of radiotherapy so that it can result in family caregiver burden. This study aims to determine the overview of family caregiver burden for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. A descriptive quantitative study conducted on family caregivers at the Radiotherapy Polyclinic of Prof. Dr. I.G.N.G Ngoerah Hospital in December 2022. Data were collected using sociodemographic instruments and

Antioxidant Activity and Chlorophyl Content of Mistletoes (Dendrophthoe pentandra and Scurulla atropurpurea) Attached to Some Types of Host Plants

Abstract : Mistletoes are semi-parasitic plants that can kill the plants they host. Mistletoe has been used for generations in traditional medicine, one of which is as an anticancer agent. This study aims to examine the antioxidant activity and chlorophyll content of Dendrophthoe pentandra and Scurulla atropurpurea. The results showed that the highest antioxidant activity was found in the mistletoe's leaves, flowers, and broad stems because they contain high levels of flavonoids. The highest total chloroph

Efficacy of XP-3D rotary files in retreatment of root canal filled with two types of Bioceramic sealers: In Vitro Study

Abstract : The new types of sealer pastes such as Bioceramic increased the difficulty of retreatment and complete removal of root canal filling materials, Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of XP-3D R files in removing two types of sealer pastes (Bioceramic Hi-flow and Bioceramic sealer). The study sample consisted of 30 single-rooted and single-canal mandibular premolars, the root canals were prepared to F2 size and divided into two equal groups: Group 1 (n=15): the root canals were

Evaluation of Bone Dimension Alterations using socket seal surgery technique for socket preservation (clinical study)

Abstract : Many methods preserve the dimensions of hard and soft tissues, these methods include the use of bio-materials, bone grafts, and membranes, these methods aim to ensure a sufficient volume of soft and hard tissues, which preserve the cosmetic and functional aspects in fixed and over implants prostheses. This study aims to compare socket seal surgery and atraumatic extraction in causing bone tissue dimension changes. The sample of the study included 24 extracted teeth and was divided into two group