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Correlation Between Age of Onset and Sex with Acetylcholin Receptor Antibody Levels in Pasien With Myasthenia Gravis

Abstract : Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a neuromuscular disease in which autoantibodies against the acetylcholine receptor (AChR) cause muscle weakness. AChR antibodies are very specific in MG because they are found in about 85% of cases. There are two MG subtypes based on age of onset, namely MG Early Onset (<50 years old), dominated by women, and MG Late Onset (≥50 years old), dominated by men. Several studies have shown different results regarding AChR antibody levels in both ages of onset and gender. Th


Abstract : Pediculosis Capitis (PC) is a parasitic infestation of the hair and scalp caused by Pediculus Humanus Capitis (PHC). Risk factors for transmission include direct contact between the hair and scalp of patients and direct contact with fomites, such as using personal items together with individuals with PC. Alopecia is baldness or hair loss in areas where hair normally grows. A 40-year-old male complained of very annoying itching on the scalp and baldness in several locations of the head since 3 mo

The role of Shiatsu massage in labour: A study protocol

Abstract : Labour pain often cause anxiety among pregnant women. Despite the presence of various intrapartum analgesics methods, their side effects may affect the women’s overall birth experience. Access to certain intrapartum analgesics is also limited in certain low-resource hospitals. Therefore, it is crucial to explore other alternatives for pain relief in labour. Shiatsu massage has a great potential as an intrapartum analgesia based on the evidence that has been published for other medical conditio

Concept Analysis of Human Resource Management (HRM) for Hospital Nurses

Abstract : This concept analysis aimed to clarify the human resource management concept for hospital nurses. This research employed The Walker method. There were eight attributes of human resource management for hospital nurses: 1) human resource planning, 2) recruiting-selecting-orienting, 3) training and developing, 4) rewarding system, 5) performance appraisal, 6) career path, 7) allocating staff system, and 8) maintaining. Maintenance can be implemented in management practices such as disciplinary, eng

The effect of Islamic spirituality interventions on distress in uncontrolled type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients in Indonesia

Abstract : This study examined the effect of Islamic spirituality intervention (rida, ruqya and rahma) on DM distress in uncontrolled type 2 DM patients. A quasi-experimental study were done in 80 patient with uncontrolled type 2 DM (n=40 intervention group, n=40 control group). The intervention group received Islamic spirituality intervention for 10 weeks. Spirituality scores and DM distress were measured before and after treatment. After the Islamic spirituality intervention, significant changes were fou

Biochemical activity of Some New Pt(II) Complex Involving Quercetin, Naringinin, and Apigenin

Abstract : In the current study, a Pt(II) complex including quercetin, naringinin, and apigenin was created and structurally characterized using spectrum techniques. For their potential to fight breast cancer and microbes, the Pt(II) complexes were studied. The complex significantly affected Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida alblicans, and Aspergillus niger, according to the results of the study on its antibacterial activity. Using the MTT assay, it was examined whether the Pt(II) complex wa


Abstract : The influence of globalization has caused modern era people to consume more fast food in the form of fried foods such as mendoan to save time and increase efficiency in working in the midst of increasingly rapid world development, but consumption of foods with high saturated oil content has a correlation with the incidence of metabolic syndrome so this study aims to examine the relationship between the frequency of mendoan consumption with the HbA1c profile in people of age 40-75 years. The desi

Modifying a conventional cephalometric technique to provide more realistic diagnosis

Abstract : To compare two new correction methods for SNA and SNB to a classical method, their impact on SNA and SNB measurements and their correlation to clinical examination, using lateral cephalograms taken in the natural head position guided by the K plane. The Orienter was used to orient the head in the natural head position during lateral cephalograms and clinical examination. Frankfurt Horizontal, SNA, SNB and the orientation angle were measured for 24 adults with age range of 18-24 years. According

Management of single Miller’s class I Gingival Recession using two techniques: Connective tissue graft harvested with a double-bladed scalpel and de-epithelialized free gingival graft. -A comparative randomized clinical trial-

Abstract : Connective tissue grafts are considered the golden standard for the treatment of gingival recession. Several techniques were previously mentioned in the literature about harvesting connective tissue grafts, but these techniques have many complications. Thus, this study aimed to describe a new harvesting method for to limit those consequences, as well as decreasing pain level, and reducing surgical time. The main objective of this study was to describe a new harvesting method for connective tissu

Correlation Between Selenium Protein-1 Levels and the Quality of Oocytes and Embryos in Females Undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization

Abstract : Evaluation of oocyte quality is one of the most important goals of embryologists in assisted reproductive technologies, due to its importance in successful fertilization and embryonic development. Females undergoing in vitro fertilization are exposed to massive systemic oxidative stress due to the ovarian stimulation protocols used, which negatively affects oocyte maturation and embryonic development. Glutathione peroxidase is one of the most important endogenous antioxidants purported to defend