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Abstract : The relationship between diet and acne has been controversial. Recently, there has been a surge in studies providing greater insight, with several studies looking into glycaemic index (GI), diet and their relationship with acne vulgaris. To assess the Glycaemic index, lipid profile and compare it with acne grade. Study was conducted from Dec 2020 to May 2022.Where a total of 150 acne patients were enrolled. Patients were examined and grade of acne was established along with blood sample (for lip


Abstract : Infectious disease can be interpreted as a disease caused by infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) or toxic products that are transmitted from infected people, animals, and reservoirs, either directly or indirectly. The main therapy for infectious diseases, especially bacterial infections, is to use antibiotics. However, the massive use of antibiotics and the tendency to frequently abuse them have led to the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria. There

Rate of changes in Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte ratio in patients with and without nausea and vomiting after spinal anesthesia: a clinical trial

Abstract : One of the most common and safe techniques applied in many surgeries is spinal anesthesia. However, it may create some complications like nausea and vomiting. Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is known as a prevalent complication after anesthesia and surgery. Many studies have introduced Inflammation as a significant factor in the occurrence of PONV. Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is a prognostic biomarker taken from peripheral blood, to check the inflammation in various diseases. T

The Effect of Insulin ,Glimepiride, and Metformin on weight and Glycemic state in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Abstract : Insulin, glimepiride, and metformin prescribe as monotherapy or in combination to control glycemic state. A comparative retrospective case-control study followed by a follow-up study of added metformin and or glimepiride to establish the effect on weight and glycemic state. There are no significant differences in BMI, FPG, and HbA1c among comparative monotherapy groups, follow-up study show a highly significant reduction of glycemic parameters with varying effect on weight among antidiabetic age

Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Heart Disease as Prevalent Comorbidity in COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients in Prof. dr. I.G.N.G. Ngoerah General Hospital, Bali

Abstract : Comorbidities were suspected and now have been known to increase patients’ susceptibility to contracting COVID-19 and the severity of a person who has been infected by Sars-CoV-2. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and heart disease are pre-existing chronic conditions which were considered to increase the risk of infection and severity of infection, because of their prevalence in COVID-19 patients in Indonesia. An observational analytic study using a case-control approach was conducted. Total sam

The assessment of platelet-lymphocyte ratio (plr) and severity index of fournier gangrene (fgsi) as prognostic factors in fournier gangrene patients

Abstract : Due to high mortality rates of Fournier Gangrene (FG), this type of gangrene appears to be a potentially fatal disease and has been included as emergency cases in urology. Recent studies have used several methods to estimate the FG patients' prognosis, including the Fournier Gangrene Severity Index (FGSI) and Platelet-Lymphocyte Ratio (PLR) methods. A descriptive study with a cross-sectional approach using secondary data from the medical records (2017-2021 data) of the Department of Surgery, Uro

Carbon Monoxide Level Analysis between Staff and Traffic Police in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Abstract : Over the last decades, air pollution in the urban atmosphere has seriously affected human health and the environment. Carbon monoxide exposure causes impaired oxygen delivery, impairs oxygen use and respiration at the cellular level and enhances the inflammatory response. The number of vehicles passing emission tests for three years (2007-2011) in Makassar has increased, but several parameters such as hydrocarbons have doubled. A cross-sectional study was taken on, 31 subjects of traffic police

Educational program on insulin injection techniques in patients with diabetes mellitus at the Universitas Sumatera Utara Hospital: Evidence-Based Practice

Abstract : To analyze the effect of an evidence-based insulin injection technique education program on insulin injection technique practice and HbA1c values. A quasi-experimental with non-equivalent control group pretest-postest approach. Sixty respondents were applied and selected by purposive sampling. The practice of insulin injection technique was measured using the Worldwide Injection Techniques Questionnaire. Data were analyzed using paired sample t-test and independent sample t-test. The evidence-ba

Unilateral upper limb myositis following single-dose oral gabapentin: a Case report .

Abstract : Gabapentin is increasingly prescribed for neuropathic pain. The drug is not metabolized and excreted by the kidney. Gabapentin-induced myositis is extremely rare. The mechanism of myositis induced by gabapentin is not fully understood and autoimmune and idiosyncrasy were suggested. We report a case of gabapentin-induced myositis in a unilateral upper limb in a 25year-old Saudi male on the first dose of oral gabapentin 100mg. The patient was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy and presented wit

The Influence of Education on Mother's Knowledge About Dengue Haemoragic Fever Prevention Efforts

Abstract : Dengue fever still occurs in many communities every year, so it needs to be prevented. The research objective was to determine the effect of education on mothers' knowledge about DHF prevention. The sample consisted of 40 mothers who were willing to take part in education in Bandung area. Statistical test using the Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test. The results of the study showed that there were significant differences in mothers' knowledge before and after education. It is necessary to carry out health