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Unfiltered Nanofat or Conventional Nanofat Graft as a Solution to Acne Scars

Abstract : This study aimed to compare conventional Nanofats and unfiltered Nanofats in terms of their ability to heal Acne scars. The study sample consisted of 16 patients divided into two groups: Group 1 (Experminteal, n=8) Unfiltered Nanofats graft for treatment of acne scars, and Group 2 (Control, n=8) Conventional Nanofats graft for treatment of acne scars. Post-treatment clinical follow-ups were conducted one and three months after injection using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS


Abstract : Breast engorgement in mothers after giving birth is a problem that often causes discomfort and pain. While there are various conventional methods to treat this swelling, interest in natural alternatives is increasing. The solution has attracted attention is the use of purple cabbage leaves as a therapy to reduce breast swelling. This study aims to investigate the effect of giving cold purple cabbage leaf compresses on breast swelling in postpartum mothers. The method used in this research is a q

Evaluation of dentoalveolar changes following functional treatment in-patient with class II division I malocclusion-using Intermaxillary Lip Bumper in comparison with Activator: A randomized clinical trial

Abstract : This study aimed to evaluate the effect of Intermaxillary lip bumper in the treatment of Class II/1-malocclusion compared with the Activator. This was a randomized, parallel, two arm, and single center trial. It consist of 40 (21 female and 19 male) patients with class II/1-malocclusion. They were divided equally into activator groups (11 male and 9 female) and Intermaxillary lip bumper group (10 male and 10 female). Pre-and post- treatment dental cast model were evaluated by measuring the inter

Management of bone resorption around anterior implant using Allogenic Bone Graft: A case report

Abstract : Periimplantitis is an inflammatory disease affects the tissues around functional and well osseointegrated implant. Nevertheless, the bone resorbation may arise due to multiple other factors like implant position, bone density, implant geometry, micro-gap and poor oral hygiene. Saving the implant after it lose a considrable amount of bone is usualy chalenging and in many times the failure of the implant is inevitable. This case report describes the diagnosis and the mangement of a failed unload

Use Of Green Clam Shells Extract Paste (Perna Viridis) With TGF-β Expression Analysis In Reparative Dentin Formation

Abstract : One of the ingredients that is believed to stimulate the formation of dentinal bridges is calcium hydroxide, but this material is highly toxic, the dentinal bridge that forms is porous. Therefore, alternative materials are needed to be biocompatible, such as clam shells which contain calcium carbonate that’s used as a remineralization material for hard tooth tissue. Transforming Growth Factor β (TGF-β) has a significant role in cellular signaling for odontoblast differentiation and stimulati

Bone Regeneration using Anchovy Extract (Stolephorus Sp.) through Analysis of Bone Morphoprotein (BMP2)

Abstract : Bone is a metabolically active tissue that undergoes continuous regeneration, namely formation and resorption of bone. Bone regeneration is essential for bone homeostasis. Bones must be in constant condition, which is important for the maintenance of normal skeletal structure and function. Food ingredients are needed that can help maximum bone growth, such as anchovies. Anchovies are a source of calcium which is needed in the formation and regeneration process of bones. To determine the potentia

The Relationship between Anxiety Level, Family Support, and Choice of Birth Attendant during the Pandemic

Abstract : The coronavirus has disrupted pregnancy plans and increased anxiety among many expectant mothers, who are questioning the impact of the virus on their baby's birth. Therefore, it is expected that support from the social environment can reduce anxiety in pregnant women when choosing a birth attendant during the pandemic. The objective of this study is to analyze the influence of anxiety levels and family support on the choice of birth attendant during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study utilizes a q

Evaluation of using Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (rhBMP-2) in post extraction dental socket preservation

Abstract : Changes in alveolar bone dimensions following tooth extraction over time are inevitable. Bone resorption and poor bone quality make the placement of dental implants difficult. Oral health care procedures around implants become more difficult and the result is poor both cosmetically and functionally. Therefore, several methods and techniques aimed at reducing or preventing bone resorption, preserving socket, and improving the quality of regenerated bone include autografts, allografts, xenografts,

Effect of treating E-Max Zirpress with sandblasting or hydrofluoric acid on Porcelain fracture index.

Abstract : This study aims to compare the degree of damage to ceramic surfaces prepared for bonding ceramic orthodontic brackets using 10% hydrofluoric acid and sandblasting with 50 µm aluminum oxide particles. The research sample consisted of 30 ceramic surfaces (IPS E-Max Zirpress) divided into two groups, which were treated using two methods, sandblasting with 50 µm aluminum oxide particles (SB) and Etching using hydrofluoric acid (HFA) 10%. The Porcelain Fracture Index (PFI) was used to detect any da

Effects of combining ozone and hydrogen peroxide on hypersensitivity after teeth bleaching: Comparative clinical trial

Abstract : Vital bleaching is the most minimally invasive strategy for tooth color enhancement, The severity of the side effects of bleaching therapies, such as bleaching sensitivity (BS) or gingival irritation (GI), seems to be related to the dose of peroxide used, the aim of ozone treatment is to eliminate the pain of hypersensitivity after teeth bleaching. The study compared hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) with and without ozone gas (O3) on teeth whitening sensitivity in a split-mouth design with 200 teeth. Th