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The role of radiotherapy in the management of ovarian cancer: literature review

Abstract : Ovarian cancer (OC) is one of the most lethal gynecological cancers, typically presenting at advanced stages of the disease with abdominal and pelvic cavity involvement. The management of these patients is often very challenging, with low survival and high relapse rates. Cytoreductive surgery, chemotherapy, and target therapy play the leading roles in treating OC patients. This review paper investigated the historical, present, and possible future role of radiation therapy (RT) in managing OC pa

Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Gram-Negative Bacilli in Burn Infections among Patients at Al-Mouwasat Hospital, Damascus, Syria

Abstract : Burn infections pose a significant contribution to morbidity and mortality globally, particularly due to the emergence of multi-antibiotic-resistant strains, especially in developing nations. This study aims to ascertain the prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) strains of gram-negative bacilli among patients with burn infections at the Burns and Plastic Surgery section in Al-Mouwasat Hospital. A total of 49 swabs were collected from patients between November 2023 and February 2024, at Al-Mouw

In Vitro, In Silico Anti-inflammatory and Secondary Metabolite Profiling in Peels of C. sinensis, C. nobilis, C. reticulata L., and C. maxima [Burm.]

Abstract : Citrus peel is a worthy bioactive compound source to develop. This research aims to (1) extract and analyze secondary metabolites in essential oils (EO) of Citrus sinensis peel (a), Citrus nobilis peel (b), Citrus reticulata L. peel (c), and Citrus maxima [Burm]. peel (d) using GCMS, (2) separate and analyze secondary metabolites in the fractions of each EO, (3) observe the anti-inflammatory of each EO by bovine albumin denaturation method, (4) analyze all secondary metabolites by in silico anti

Marginal Microleakage of Self-Adhesive Flowable Composite as a Pit-Fissure Sealants upon different Application Techniques: A Comparative In-Vitro Study

Abstract : The aim of the present study was to compare the microleakage of a self-adhesive composite (SAS) and a conventional resin-based fissure sealant using different application techniques. 100 intact human premolars with well-delineated pits and fissures were used and divided into 5 groups (n = 20). Group 1 specimens were etched (37% phosphoric acid) and sealed with conventional resin-based sealant (Helioseal F, Ivoclar Vivadent). In Group 2 Helioseal F was applied with bonding agent. For Group 3, pit

Oxidative Stress Biomarkers and 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D in Online Motorcycle Taxi Drivers in Jakarta, Indonesia

Abstract : Online motorcycle taxi drivers are frequently exposed to oxidative stress originating from air pollutants. Vitamin 25(OH)D is one of the potent antioxidants in the body. Studies on the relationship between vitamin 25(OH)D concentration and oxidative stress markers in online motorcycle taxi drivers are still rare. Objective of this study was to determine the differences between oxidative stress biomarkers levels in online motorcycle taxi drivers and control subjects, and the relationship of 25(O

An in-Vitro Study to Compare the Compressive Strength between Bulk Composite and Fiber Reinforced Bulk Composite

Abstract : This study aims to compare the compressive between bulk composite and fiber reinforced bulk composite. This study included 30 cylindrical samples, were randomly divided into two groups in the following order: Group 1 (n=15): Bulk composite (Tetric® N-Ceram Bulk Fill, Ivoclar Vivadent, USA), and Group 2 (n=15): Fiber reinforced bulk composite (Polydentia, Switzerland). These samples were restored by means of a dark Teflon mold for the research, which contains in its center a cylindrical cavity o

The Association between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): A Systematic Review

Abstract : The purpose of this study was to use systematic review techniques to look at the relationship between IBS and OCD. We conducted a thorough search of PubMed, SCOPUS, Web of Science, and Science Direct to find pertinent literature. Rayyan QRCI was utilized during the entire process. We included six studies with a total of 970 patients, and 351 (36.2%) were males. Five studies investigated the prevalence of OCD in 340 IBS patients and was found to be 107 (31.5%). Only one study a 10 (47.6%) of IBS

Development of an intervention model to protect hospital workers against the transmission of tuberculosis

Abstract : Health workers and hospital workers are the backbone of health services in hospitals. Hospitals are labor intensive, technology intensive, have a high level of human involvement, activities are continuous every day, and there are potential biological hazards, one of which is Tuberculosis (TB) bacteria. WHO Global TB Report 2020 data, Indonesia country no. 2nd highest in the world infected with Tuberculosis. For this reason, hospitals are workplaces with high occupational safety and health (OHS)

Prosocial Behavior of Nursing Students during Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract : Prosocial behavior is the behavior of helping and helping others voluntarily which is very much needed during the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is not easy to help in a pandemic situation like today considering the government's rules to reduce physical contact with other people. One side wants to help but on the other hand, there is also a sense of anxiety to help. One of the groups that have low prosocial behavior is college students, because students have high ego-centrism they find it difficult t

Comparison of ELISA Between Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine (IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF- α) Levels Induced by Blunt Trauma Without Damage to The Skin in Rattus Novergicus

Abstract : Blunt force injuries is the most common type of violence in physical abuse. There were several cases of physical abuse due to blunt force where the victim who was traumatized by blunt force did not have any damage to the skin. Factors that affect the occurrence of trauma without a damage to the skin include the location of contact between the trauma and the body region, pressure (force), the time lag between the victim experiencing trauma and the time to see a doctor, the color of a person's ski