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The Effect of using an Educational Program with Aids in Learning the Effectiveness of Free swimming for Student

Abstract : The importance of the research is crystallized in the effect of using an educational program in learning the effectiveness of free swimming for students. The problem of the research lies in the weakness in the speed of learning and mastery of free swimming among students, and from here came the researcher the idea of learning free swimming for students using auxiliary tools The educational program, that the good use of auxiliary tools contributes to A significant limit in the student’s ability

Impact of Reinforcement Educational ‎Sessions ‎Regarding Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness ‎on ‎Nurses ‎Knowledge in Holy ‎Karbala Governorate

Abstract : IMNCI is the process of caring for all ill children under 5 years of ‎age that combines ‎preventive, ‎promotive and curative actions for leading ‎causes of child deaths [1]. Training of nurses in management of IMNCI cases will provide the ‎knowledge and skills needed to provide health services to healthy children ‎for follow up and children suffering from range of diseases and case ‎management, refer ill children who need urgent referral, prescribe and ‎administer appropriate tre

Effectiveness of Educational ‎Program ‎Regarding the Integrated Management of ‎Neonatal and Childhood Illness ‎on Nurses ‎Practices in Holy ‎Karbala

Abstract : Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illnesses (IMNCI) is a number of guidelines build ‎up by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1992 to improve the assessment, classification, and ‎the individual management of the common causes of death among children ‎under the age of five [1].‎ The development of the IMCI strategy was based on three main components, improving the performance of health care providers, enhancing the performance and management structure of the health syste

Effectiveness of Health Promotion in Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala in Wakatobi: Community Intervention Based on Local Wisdom in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infection

Abstract : The number of people with HIV continues to increase and it is a common concern of the government and society to be able to realize zero new cases by 2030. There are many programs carried out by the government, one of which is increasing education about HIV/AIDS to adolescent groups. To analyze the effectiveness of Health promotion on Anana Moane and Kalambe Sala: Community Intervention Based on Local Wisdom in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS Infection in Wakatobi. Using a quasi-experimental method wi


Abstract : The main goals of endoscopic sinus surgery are providing a sufficient drainage and ventilation for paranasal sinuses. Partial resection of the middle turbinate is sometimes necessary to provide good surgical access to the middle meatus. To evaluate the surgical access and patency of middle meatus with clinical outcomes of endoscopic sinus surgery with and without partial middle turbinate resection. A prospective study has been conducted in otolaryngology department at Al-Immamain al- Kadhymain t

Detection of ESBL Production and Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Enterobacteriaceae Causing Urinary Tract Infection

Abstract : Despite the widespread availability of antibiotics, urinary tract infection (UTI) remains the most common bacterial infection in the human population. Current knowledge of the organisms that cause UTI and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern is mandatory to ensure appropriate therapy. Production of extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) is an important mechanism of resistance in Enterobacteriaceae. Knowledge of their prevalence is essential to guide appropriate antibiotic therapy. Aim of the

Evaluation of distally based bipedicled flap for reconstructing post-burn finger nailfold and finger nail deformities

Abstract : One of common post-burn hand deformities is finger nailfold contracture and deformity. To evaluate the versatility of distally based bipedicled flap technique in correction of post-burn finger nailfold reconstruction. 24 fingers, of nine patients, with postburn finger nailfold deformity, submitted to reconstruction from January 2013 to June 2014, in Al Wasity hospital in Baghdad, using distally based bipedicled flap. A distally based bipedicled flap was designed over the dorsum of the distal pha

Occurrence of SARS-COV-2 Variants and Their Relationship to Disease Severity in a Sample of Iraqi Patients

Abstract : There are thousands of variations of the coronavirus virus, which affects the epidemic of this disease; therefore, monitoring these variables is necessary to understand the course of the epidemic and the impact of the type of variations on the severity of the disease. Coronavirus disease is a recent viral disease that has caused a modern global health pandemic since the influenza pandemic in 1918. The study was conducted by collecting nasal swabs of 100 patients with positive samples of COVID-19

The Effect of COVID-19 on Mental Health in the Elderly

Abstract : The COVID-19 pandemic that is currently occurring is causing a mental health crisis not only in young adults but can occur in the elderly, limitations in terms of access and health care facilities, reduced contact with family or relatives, lack of social interaction has the potential to develop into psychological problems, not being impossible could further become a more serious mental issue. Ideally the elderly are more mature than other age groups in dealing with problems related to psychology


Abstract : Gonorrhoea is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that affects men and women, caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae which is transmitted through mucosal secretions. Although considered as an STD, in rare cases, Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) can also be affect extragenital locations such as the rectum or anorectal. The increasing number of cases of anorectal gonorrhoea among men is likely due to the patient being bisexual or homosexuals. The presence of gonorrhoea at any site also increases the ri