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Prevalence of refractive errors among Saudi population: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Abstract : Refractive errors are common globally with an estimated number of 2.3 billion people suffering from impaired vision secondary to uncorrected refractive errors. This study aimed to estimate a piece of proper evidence about the overall prevalenceof refractory errors within the kingdom. A process of collection of relevant key words was conducted followed by database search. All data were analyzed with R software version 4.0.2. Using a “meta” package. The event rate and the corresponding 95% con

Radiopacity of zinc oxide eucalyptus as a root canal filling material for primary teeth in comparison with zinc oxide eugenol

Abstract : To evaluate and compare the radiopacity of zinc oxide eucalyptus as compared with zinc oxide eugenol as root canal filling materials for deciduous teeth. Acrylic plate like an arch was constructed, each one was 5 mm thickness, 2.2 cm broad, and 4.5 cm long, with 8 holes of 1 mm internal diameter. One of the tested materials was inserted into each hole. Then projected to digital x-ray device and then the opacity was calculated by Photoshop©. 10 acrylic plates were made to have 40 samples of each

Maxillary Sinus-lift with Simultaneous Dental Implant Placement Split-mouth: A Comparative Study

Abstract : To compare PRF and PRF+BEGO-OSS® as bone augmentation materials in terms of bone level and bone quality. A split-mouth study on 12 patients to replace the missing upper first molar tooth. Twenty implants were inserted simultaneously with the sinus lift procedure. Augmentation was performed with PRF on one side, and PRF+ BEGO-OSS® on the other side. CBCT scans were taken for the included cases preoperatively and 4 months postoperatively. Both bone height and quality measurements were taken for

Comparative effects of aqueous extract of local Basil Seeds, vitamin C and selenium as Anti-heat Stress in some physiological traits at Iraqi Awassi Sheep

Abstract : This study was designed to determine the effect of using an aqueous extract of basil seeds, vitamin C, and selenium in some blood qualities of Iraqi Awassi sheep. Twenty Awassi sheep aged 9-10 months, with an average weight of 25.7 - 27.9 kg, were used in this study. An experiment has distributed into five groups, and each group included four ewes of homogeneous weights, with four repetitions in each group; then, the ewes were randomly divided into totals in the following form: T1 control treatm

The role of vitamin D3 in patients with bacterial eye infection

Abstract : A total of 150 people (patients (118) and controls (32)), were recruited for the study. During the period from September 2021 to February 2022, patients diagnosed by Ophthalmic doctors to have bacterial eye infections (blepharitis, conjunctivitis, or keratitis) were out patients of (Ghazy Al-hariri Hospital and Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital in Baghdad), while controls were collected from different locations. They were of both sexes and ranged in age from 20 to 60 years old. Blood and eye swabs were co

Her2 amplification in gastric cancer and clinicopathologic characteristic association

Abstract : Gastric cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, unfortunately most patients present late. Recently, Trastuzumab was approved for of Her2-positive gastric cancer metastatic carcinomas. Unfortunately, data on the frequency of HER2-positive cases and clinicopathologic correlation among Iraqi patients are restricted. Histological slides from 47 metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma were collected from patient who attended oncology teaching hospital. IHC was done for HER2 on whole-tissue sections f


Abstract : Early mobility (EM) reduces Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and hospital stay, optimizing quality of life in survivors. However, evidence has shown that barriers exist at the level of the patient, clinician and healthcare institution, hampering the implementation of EM. To identify physiotherapists’ perspectives on the barriers and potential facilitators to mobilizing critically ill patients in the ICU. One hundred and fifty physiotherapists involved in critical care within the southeastern (SE) par

Barriers Impeding Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Iraq: A Critical Analysis

Abstract : Breast cancer (BC) patients in Iraq tend to be diagnosed at advanced stages and among younger age groups compared to their counterparts in high-income countries, which has led to a higher BC related mortality rate in Iraq. The aim of this paper is to identify the barriers impeding early detection of BC among Iraqi women. The Social-Ecological Model and the knowledge, attitudes and practices framework were used for the analysis. Gaps in awareness of BC-related facts are still present among Iraqi

The role of vitamin d in the management of cognitive impairment in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis and hypothyroidism

Abstract : Clinical studies show a strong connection between vitamin D levels in serum with cognitive impairment in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. It is important to study the effect of cholecalciferol on the cognitive function in patients with autoimmune thyroiditis and hypothyroidism in the Western Ukrainian population. The study included 56 patients with hypothyroidism (H) caused by autoimmune thyroiditis (AIT). These patients were distributed into two groups. Patients in the Group 1 (n = 28)

Relationship between Resilience and Self-efficacy with Parenting Stress in Disability Children Parents During Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract : Parenting stress has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents of children with intellectual disabilities experience high parenting stress during the pandemic. Resilience and self-efficacy can be factors that influence parental stress, but there is still limited research looking at the relationship between resilience and self-efficacy with parenting stress of parents with children who have disabilities during the pandemic. The aimed of this study was to determine the relationship between r