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Evaluation of the antioxidant and antimicrobial potential of Vaishvanara Churna: A polyherbal formulation

Abstract : This experimental work was focused to study the anti-oxidant and anti-microbial potential of Vaishvanara Churna– a polyherbal traditional ayurvedic formulation generally recommended for rheumatism (amavata), flatulence with gurgling sound (adhmana), abdominal lumps (gulma), duodenal ulcer (parinamasula), heart disease (hardya roga), etc. In order to establish the scientific pieces of evidence, the formulation was evaluated for anti-microbial potential using some gram-positive (S. aureus, Clost

Health-Related Quality of Life and Oxidative stress markers in Homozygous and Heterozygous Sickle cell Anemia in Central India

Abstract : Analysis of oxidative stress markers and treatment of sickle cell anemia are important to protect the people from getting affected and minimizing the level of stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apart from various complications most families with sickle cell child have to bear with social problems and financial crisis. Broad spectrum multidimensional concept is Health Related Quality of life (HRQoL). A Comparative cross-sectional study was carried in 240 Diagnosed sickle cell anaemia cases (


Abstract : In this study, we want to evaluate the outcome of each technique based on radiological alignment in order to give consideration of its treatment. This study use purposive sampling with cross sectional design study to gather data in radiological examination patients post intraarticular distal radius fracture that fixated using dorsal bridge plate or variable angle plate based on surgeon preference, then we measure for its radial height, radial inclination, articular step-off, volar tilt, ulnar va

Improving early detection of tuberculosis cases among household contacts through home visits by community health workers

Abstract : One of the problems in controlling tuberculosis is the delay in diagnosis, this is at risk of increasing the possibility of transmission in the household and community. Early detection through home visits is an effective method for detecting new cases of tuberculosis by empowering Community Health Workers (CHWs). This study aims to analyze the relationship between home visits with detection of new cases tuberculosis among household contacts by CHWs. The design of this study was cross-sectional d

Awareness of thalassemia intermedia caregivers about iron overload in Baghdad

Abstract : Thalassemia is a hereditary haemoglobinopathy, chronic disorder requiring blood transfusion for lifelong that cause financial and emotional burden on the family and society. This study was done to assess level of awareness in the caregivers of thalassemic patients to ameliorate their experience in caring their child. A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in AL-Karama and IbnAL- Baladi thalassemia centers in Baghdad from november2020-june 2021 in which 220 caregivers of thalassemia in

An investigation of the impact of wellbeing programs in addressing workers living with cancer workplace issues: An Integrated Literature Review

Abstract : There are a rising number of workers living with Cancer globally. The cancer burden projections indicate a potential gradual rise in the proportion of employees living with Cancer globally. The increase in employees' number proportion necessitates the need for the employees' issues identification and mitigation. The review develops a critical examination of some of the unique workplace issues faced by the employees' category and how the adoption of the organisational wellness programs improves t


Abstract : Cancer is presently being perceived as a long-term condition due to propels in medicines that increment the survival rate of patients with cancer to as long as ten a long time from the time of the illness. In Jordan, cancer is the moment driving cause of passing after related heart maladies. Uneasiness is among the commonly found psychiatric sickness in patients with cancer and is frequently dismissed. Around 10% of patients with cancer are influenced by uneasiness around the world. Workplace su

Ultrasonic fetal Doppler and growth indices and their relation to immediate neonatal outcomes in different severities of maternal anemia

Abstract : Doppler assessment may lead to intervention that reduces the risk of fetal brain damage. Aim of thestudy: to assess the relation between ultrasonic hemodynamic Doppler indices of middle cerebral and umbilical arteries (PI, RI), growth indices to immediate neonatal outcomes (weight, head & abdominal circumference, APGAR scores at 1 and 5 minutes and neonatal unit admission) in women with mild, moderate and severe anemia during pregnancy. Present study is a clinical prospective study carried out i

Analysis of Readiness of General Hospital Dr. FL. Tobing Sibolga in the Implementation of the National Health Insurance Policy: A Qualitative Case Report

Abstract : The national social security system and social security administering body require careful readiness by the health insurance providers, such as hospitals. National health insurance program is a pre-effort financing pattern, meaning that health financing is issued before or not when you are sick. Issues of financial sustainability of pro-poor policies must be maintained to reach universal health coverage even though sometimes many countries experience serious financial problems. Dr. FL. Tobing Ge

The Functional Indicators Relationship with Achievement Level of 110-Meter Hurdles Players

Abstract : The sports field has become a civilized phenomenon in most countries of the world. sport games have become one of the important criteria to measure how much the countries are developed. Sports physiology has a great and effective role in the sports field. It is concerned with studying the physiology of internal organs and identifying the effects that occur to internal organs and tissues as a result of sports training. This paper tries to identify the functional indicators that lead to the develo